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Let’s work together: separately, comfortably, virtually.

Community, capacity, connectivity

Ever feel like you’re missing the accountability offered by a shared workspace?

Maybe you’d like a friendly face at the other end of the screen…even if there’s no talking.

Just because you’re a freelancer/solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.


The Coworking Community

Often, as we’re working from home and left to our own devices, it can be super easy to slip into avoidance mode (I know because I do it!!) and not do or achieve the things we want to.

The Coworking Community (CoCo) is about bringing people together in a gentle, virtual space.

Having someone at the other end of your screen is a great way to stay accountable and do the work. I know this because when I had a membership a few years back, the most-loved part of the Organised Biz Village was the coworking sessions.

I’ve really missed those sessions, connecting with community and surrounding ourselves with friendly faces.
So, it’s time to bring it back.

Membership inclusions

Coworking session/s

Depending on your level of membership, you can join up to four (4) coworking sessions each week.

Quarterly group 90-Day Planning session

All current Coworking Community members
(CoCo Nuts) will receive a place each quarter at my group 90-Day Planning sessions. Includes live workshop, replay, and workbook (usually $50 per person)

Community features

You’re amazing and I want to shout it from the rooftops. Think blog interview features, podcasts (bringing back my podcast is on the list for 2024), social media, email. Those kinds of things!

I’m also open to collaborations where you take over (guest posts, etc.).

Coworking Community (CoCo) directory listing

Exclusive to CoCo Nuts only.

A dedicated directory visible to anyone who visits this website, featuring CoCo Nuts businesses.

Who is the Coworking Community for?

The Coworking Community (CoCo) was created for anyone looking for a relaxed, gentle, virtual work space.

As a neurodivergent person, I know how much I benefit from coworking sessions. Knowing there’s someone on the other end of the screen, working away, doing their thing while I do mine, helps to keep me focused, and that I’m not alone.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules—other than being a decent human—to be a CoCo Nut. However you identify, you’re welcome here.

For what it’s worth, this offer page was made during the beta coworking sessions before launching this community for real. I’d tried several times beforehand to create the offer page but kept hitting stumbling blocks—old mate imposter syndrome was in town, plus a myriad of tech issues kept cropping up. That’s not to say I wasn’t experiencing them during the sessions, but it was easier to keep going, knowing there was support there if I needed it.

What’s a
CoCo Nut?

During the sessions I held whilst building this offer page, I asked the participants what I could call the directory part of the membership.

One suggested Coworking Partners List. I really liked that.
And then that got my creative ideas flowing.

I suggested Coworking Community Directory. The same participant said it could be CoCo for short. I loved it. The second participant said how much she loved the alliteration. Me too.

So, that was it. The directory would be called the Coworking Community Directory.

Until the following day’s session.
Originally Capacity Coworking Community, I decided to change the whole membership name to Coworking Community (CoCo).

And then I realised members could be CoCo Nuts.

Because, according to the Cambridge Dictionary:

nut noun (PERSON)


someone who is extremely enthusiastic about a particular activity or thing

No doubt about it, I’m extremely enthusiastic about coworking and community. And alliteration. And word plays. And that is all I need to say as your Head CoCo Nut.


Become a CoCo Nut


2023 Session Times


Day Date Start Time
Monday 4 Dec.



Tuesday 5 Dec. 1:00pm
Thursday 7 Dec. 9:30am
Friday 8 Dec. 10:00am
Monday 11 Dec.



Tuesday 12 Dec. 10:00am
Wednesday 13 Dec.



Friday 15 Dec.



Monday 18 Dec.



Tuedsay 19 Dec. 9:30am
Wednesday 20 Dec 10:00am
Thursday 21 Dec. 10:00am

Note: days with two time slots listed means there are two 2-hour sessions being held that day.

All sessions are in Melbourne, Australia time (UTC+11).

2024 Session Times


Day Date Start Time
Monday 8 January 10:00am
Tuesday 9 January 1:00pm
Wednesday 10 January 10:00am
Thursday 11 January 1:00pm
Monday 15 January 10:00am
Tuesday 16 January 10:00am
Thursday 18 January 1:00pm
Friday 19 January 10:00am
Monday 22 January 10:00am

​​All sessions are in Melbourne, Australia time (UTC+11).

More times may be added for January 2024.

A full schedule for February and March 2024 will be made available
in January 2024.

The Fine Print

Session Run Time Info

  • Sessions are two (2) hours in length
  • Work the way you need to (Pomodoro et al., no timers, breaks or no breaks…whatever works for you)
  • Camera on or off, it’s up to you
  • Mics are muted during work times, unless you have a quick question and it is quicker to speak than use the chat function. Click ‘Raise Hand’ and it will let me know you’ve got something to say
  • No heavy Q+A (i.e. anything that does not require more than a 60 second response/a lot of back and forth)
  • Session times are in Melbourne time. Please be sure to convert to your local time zone
  • A new session link will be generated each month
  • Email reminders will be emailed to you each session and will contain the session link

Directory Listing Info

  • Your listing will be live for the duration of your membership
  • Listings may take up to one week to create and appear on my site
  • Includes: links to your website and social media, one photo, your logo, bio, tagline, and signature offer
  • Can be viewed by all visitors to this site

Session Usage Info

  • Use your sessions the way you like. All in one hit, sprinkled throughout each month, whatever matches your capacity
  • One (1) unused session can roll over to the next month.
    $10/month = 4 sessions + 1 (max. 5 sessions total a month)
    $20/month = 8 sessions + 1 (max. 9 sessions total a month)
    $30/month = 12 sessions + 1 (max. 13 sessions total a month)
    $40/month = 16 sessions + 1 (max. 17 sessions total a month)

Payment Info

  • Join at any time; no open/close wait lists etc.
  • Cancel at any time
  • Pay via Stripe or PayPal
  • Currencies available: AUD $; USD $; GBP £

My Capacity

  • Sessions are based on my availability and my capacity
  • In the event I’m lacking capacity, the session link will be live but I will not be present

Hi, I'm Hollie

I’m a Naarm/Melbourne based capacity advocate and time management specialist.

I’m also your Head CoCo Nut.

I love ice cream, British political and crime dramas, European TV and films, my family, water, and the colour blue.

My promise to you is to create and provide a gentle environment that supports and advocates for sustainable capacity for conscious business folk.

Wanna be a CoCo Nut with me?