E14: Knowing Your Personal Style with Kamri Hill

There’s no doubt about it, I know my personal style, but I also dress for comfort a lot of the time. Kamri Hill really knows a thing or two about finding your personal style, so if it’s something you struggle with, have a listen.

E13: Help is NOT a Dirty Word

Not asking for help didn’t do me any favours. I burned out so quickly. Now, I don’t have any trouble asking for help. I have a small team to help me here in my business, and I have a team around me to help at home too.

E11: Business and Life Values

Do you know what your values are? I assess mine regularly to make sure I’m conducting my business in a way that aligns with my values, and in doing so, I’m also assessing my productivity.

E10: Branding and Productivity with Rachel Reiter

There may be bias because Rachel Reiter is the brand stylist genius behind my gorgeous visual branding, but this episode is a must listen for business owners looking to create a cohesive brand and be productive in the process.

E8: Setting Up Your Organised Home with Ange Sibley

For me, an organised home is not about having something ready to show off. It’s about having a (home and) mind free from clutter, it’s about taking care of me (mostly). And yeah, it might be selfish, but is it, really? Take a listen and let me know what you think.

E7: How Parenting Changed My Productivity

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly my greatest achievement. But it changed my productivity greatly. Have a listen to how it has changed – you can even hear it IN the recording.

E6: Intention Aids Productivity with Sarah Wooden

After speaking with Sarah Wooden about how intention aids productivity, I’m now more intentional about how I go about my day. That’s not to say I wasn’t before, I’m just more aware. Find out how you can use intention in your day.

E5: Making Do

Making do is an important life skill. The UK Government’s Ministry of Information issued a booklet and newsreel in 1943 urging people to repair, reuse, and reimagine their existing clothes because of the clothes rationing during the Second World War. Take a listen to this episode to discover other ways of making do.

E4: Soul Modes and Productivity with Mim Dart

“You are not one ordinary woman. You are four extraordinary ones.” – Carlie Maree, Soul Modes. Having read the book myself, it all makes so much sense. Listen in to see what I’m talking about.

E1: New Beginnings

So long, farewell…for now! This is the end of the first season of The Organised Women in Business Podcast. Tune in to find out why, and where to from here.